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Infrared Sauna


Sauna Detox Therapy

 Infrared Sauna 15 Min  $20

 "Find a way to create fever and sweat,
and I will cure the disease
" ~ Hippocrates 


Come sit in our sauna to sweat out tension and toxins.

Bring your towel and some water and sit for 15 min, clothes off and relax. Its very simple and easy!
This kind of heat is very tolerable and your head is out of the sauna so it stays temperate. Almost everyone can tolerate it!  (if it becomes too much, you can control opening the sauna to let in some cool air or you can simply get out.

With over 95% Pure Far Infrared, the best detox which also resonates with cells most, comes from sweat! This therapy is a great way to take a breather, become quiet from within and promote internal healing. A weekly practice is also helpful in flushing the body if you are feeling unwell, have recently traveled or simply want to feel your best. 


The Relax® Sauna Quality Advantage
The Relax Sauna’s advantage is its powerful radiators that exclusively emit far infrared radiation (FIR). The main component in the radiator is a ceramic semiconductor that excludes near and middle infrared energy and actively radiates far-infrared light with a wavelength between 4 and 14 microns. It has been demonstrated in clinical tests that FIR energy rays are highly therapeutic. Human cells absorb far infrared in a range of 8 to 13 microns. Peak absorption occurs at 10 to 11 microns. FIR energy resonates with living biomass, optimizes cellular activity, and restores normal body processes that release toxins and support normal health.

Uses & Benefits

 •  Detoxifies heavy metals and chemicals from the body

 •  Increases weight loss & fat burning over exercise alone

 •  Speeds up recovery in wound healing & aids with pain or arthritis

 •  Improve circulation & heart health by increasing vasodilation

 •  Anti-aging with more a youthful skin body glow by improving collagen production

 •  Invigorates by increasing mitochondrial energy production providing a boost in energy

 •  We offer the highest levels of absorbable far infrared of any infrared sauna

 •  Very safe: will not even burn tissue paper if held directly to the radiators

 •  FAST: heats up in 30 seconds

 •  Very LOW EMF near the body. Unlike most saunas which have panels that emit EMF all around the body, ours has its radiators near your feet with extremely low levels of EMF.

An infrared sauna is also the ideal antidote for EMF!

Other saunas emit EMF inside the sauna… our sauna emits NO EMF inside with only a small amount outside the sauna. Using an exclusive patented ceramic chip, it is "tuned" to emit the exact frequency of far infrared in the 4.4 to 14.4 micron range. It is the perfect range of infrared for the body to absorb creating the highest and the cleanest levels of infrared compared to any other sauna.


Increase Your Core Temperature

With state-of-the-art technology, our sauna gets very close to the

maximum temperature of 120°–140° degrees very quickly, resulting in:

 •  Mobilizing the Lymphatic & Immune System

 •  Increasing circulation and microcirculation

 •  Oxygenating cells, giving greater absorption

 •  Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System


For optimal benefits, you may consider combining a sauna treatment with an Ionic Foot Bath.

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