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Palm Reading



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Palm'istry ✋ with Joshua

20 Min Reading $75

45 Min Reading $90

(60min) Couples reading $100

Join Joshua Wednesdays 8 am- 8 pm

(walk ins welcome when available, appointments highly encouraged)


Why Palm Reading?

Hands are a catalyst to understanding how people are hardwired, and I am confident that you will come to understand yourself on a deeper level, like I have.


For over a decade I've explored the various shapes and signs found within a persons palm, and the journey continues to this day. We will take a look at your fingerprints that make up a great deal of who you are this lifetime. All information is confidential and will be recorded for you to revisit at anytime.


Hands change when you do! So the more you change your lifestyle and behavior patterns, the more your palms change. We can check in every six months if you wanna watch your palms develop along side your ever changing life experience.


Along my spiritual journey I've picked up various spiritual tools to empower myself, and have a passion for sharing these tools with people willing to learn. My hope is to enrich my community with understanding their own spiritual gifts and information. If you decide you would like a appointment with me reach out!

(925) 219-2619

45 min-The full package would include both hands and a decoding of their finger prints.

Full package includes what school of life you are in and it's lesson and purpose.

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