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Palm Reading

Palmistry with Joshua

'Palm'istry Sunday ✋ with Joshua

What is palm reading?

Join Joshua any Sunday 12 pm- 6 pm

(walk ins welcome, appointments appreciated)





What is palm reading?

Hands are the maps to the mind, and an effective way of getting to know yourself.

In the hands, I can read the school of life you're in and all of the qualities that you brought in this lifetime.

I'll be a mirror to help you see more clearly whats been there all along,

to encorage and foster your abilities, traits and gifts and to honor and support the shadow aspects.

I am respectful of your privacy and will never offer information that's not welcome.

We will work together to understand your patterns, blocks and way showing markers. 


-One hand $20 

10 min

-Both Hands $35

20 min

-Left hand is pertaining to personal life 

-Right hand is pertaining to our relationship with the outside world.

-Full Reading $50

45 min-The full package would include both hands and a decoding of their finger prints.

Full package includes what school of life you are in and it's lesson and purpose.


(20min) 1 hand reading $25 

(30min) 2 hand reading $50

(60min) couples reading $100

(60min) Self-empowerment Tools  $75

  • reclaiming & clearing energy

  • Akashic Record Coaching

  • Past-Life Regression tools

  • Self-Healing tools

  • Path of Universal Healing


(60min) Munayki Rights Private Session $111

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