Spiritual Counseling

Brandy Knight


DURING SHELTER IN PLACE_ Brandy is offering:

Brandy Knight 415-722-4551

~Deep Integrated Energy Healing

via phone/internet 90min= $95/60min $75

(Comes with tools and video/audio recap of session.)

Brandy offers in person sessions, sessions for couples and families, video call and phone sessions are available as well. 


Light Worker/Medium/ Shaman and Theta Healer

Brandy is a gifted energy healing practitioner, intuitive empath, psychic medium and total unapologetic goofball!

A session is designed with talk therapy and energy work. You will be guided with gentle precision to go deep with your inner guidance and Brandy's support in navigating with that.

Each session with Brandy will set you at ease. Her presence will support and root you in safe space and self love. 

Come release what no longer serves, in a way that truly honors you. 

Shed old behavioral patterns and uplift belief systems to this current time and space. 

Learn to deliberately manifest on multidimensional levels and align yourself with the most unbridled versions of you!  The driving force behind the continuous development of her own unique modality is to guide others into divine authenticity. Her readings are precise and profound. 

Thank you! 

So it is said. 

It is done, it is done, it is done. 

Blessed be!”  

Theta Healing /Medium Readings

 Theta Healing /Medium Readings | $95

    (Spirit Counseling) with Brandy | $95

   Spirit Counseling Family Session (3 ppl up to 6)|$200


Come get a reading with Brandy and start shedding the layers of old belief systems and patterns of behavior that no longer serve your highest and best interest.

Each session includes, but is not limited to, downloads (information) from non physical, point of contact energy healing and breath work, guided meditation and talk therapy. These readings and sessions are catered specifically to meet the needs and wants of each and every unique client. Brandy is a gifted energy healer, psychic medium and intuitive empath. It is her driving force through the ongoing development of her own modality, and the use of other modalities such as Theta Healing, to guide you beloveds in connecting with your own inner power and higher self. Start deliberately manifesting the heck out of this time and space with the use of personalized day to day tools. 

Brandy can meet with you in the deep of your issues and support the healing/clearing to freedom and release. She has much experience to hold your growth and the added benefit of energy healing and clearing work. Her powerful connection to the Divine can assist you in taking regular talk therapy to the next level, bringing harmony and support to the physical/emotional/mental and spiritual body. Let her support your process with rich integrity and a holy space. Its like a fast track for processing emotional debris! Call for inquiry and to find out if this is right for you!

Brandy is a certified ThetaHealer Practitioner, Shaman, Intuitive Empath and Medium. Readings with her include talk therapy processing, some light touch, energy block removal, breath direction, guided meditation and includes information from Divine Intelligence pertains to each individual client. Let her guide you home to your innermost loving self. This work is excellent for issues with anxiety, physical pain, emotional trauma and so much more. Please inquire if she can support you on your journey to wellness.


Couples Healing Talk Therapy

Healing Talk Therapy /with Brandy | $95

Couples Healing Talk Therapy (1 Session for 2 PPL)| $150

   Couples Healing Talk Therapy (4 Sessions for 2 Ppl)|$520

Couples can be sweethearts, brother/sister, brother/brother/sister/sister, two friends or any combination.

She offers Couples Counseling. 1 session or a 4 series that will get you deep into your patterns to unravel and move forward. a single session will draw connection and clarity. A 4 session will be 2 sessions together at the first and last session and 1 each indidviual session. This will ensure space to go deep with time to connect and reflect.

Shamanic Journeying

Journeying /with Brandy | $95


Shamanic Journey’s are offered to those who seek to develop and strengthen their ability to receive information from the Divine (non-physical).

Come in, lay down, breathe and let the drum guide your journey, the possibilities of connecting with ancestors, looking into past lives, revealing your heart’s desire and all that serves your highest and best interest is achievable. Tis work is powerful, loving and supportive to awaken any parts of you that you've longed to know better. 


Sound and Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy /with Brandy | $95


Sound and Movement Therapy is a powerful way to release trauma, stagnant energy and back-logged emotion.

By combining vocalizations with body movements one can experience tremendous relief and clarity.

Please come in comfortable clothes and an open mind! You will be encouraged to make sounds and move your body in natural ways. I will expertly guide you and support your entire process.

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