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Sacred Talk & Coaching 

60 Minute Sacred Talk Therapy  $111
90 Minute
Sacred Talk Therapy  $170


A session is designed with talk therapy and can sometimes offer energy work, sound healing, and reiki. You will be guided with gentle precision to go deep using non-violent languaging with your inner guidance and Michelle's support in navigating a path to the source.

Each session with Michelle will set you at ease. Her presence will support and root you in safe space and self love. Come release what no longer serves, in a way that truly honors you. Allow the observation of old behavioral patterns to become revealed and held, then transmuted and incorporate the traumas with tools and practices. Most often the simple exposure can catalyze the shift and set in motion a swift shift out of deep stress responses. Learn to deliberately manifest and align yourself with the most highest versions of you! 

Michelle has had Intensive Holistic Health Practitioner training, works with non-violent communication and has acute intuitive skills utilizing skillful awareness, deep metaphors for better understanding of spiritual principals and techniques and humor. She has a way of making you feel comfortable with the vulnerability of revealing trauma.

Michelle also welcomes couples or families when clarity and support are needed.


60 Minute Intuitive Counseling  $111


This 1 hour healing session can be done in person or remotely by phone. This session includes talk therapy to help process many situations including, but not limited to: current life difficulties, work environment complications, childhood traumas, recent traumas, anxiety, depression, stress, spiritual awakenings, couples issues, parent/child dynamics and more.

This session will provide you with a nonjudgmental, safe space so that you may express what is happening for you. Together, we will explore and discuss any issues, patterns, old programs or traumas that need to be attended to. I will hold open the sacred Theta channel to offer Divine insight into any energetic nuances that may arise. Allowing for the chance of the narrative to transcend to a higher perspective so that you can feel more empowered in your situation. By utilizing and teaching non-violent communication, I will assist you to learn how to open your communication and self expression to be more easily received and heard by others. And to help you learn how to receive and honor others in their communication as well.

I look forward to assisting and supporting you through your time of need, healing and growth.

Please call 925-960-3371 for a free 5-10 minute conversation to see if I am the therapist that is a fit for you.


90 Minute Compassionate Theta Inquiry  $175

This is a unique energetic talk therapy session intuitively created by Cynthia herself. This session marries two powerful therapies (Compassionate Inquiry and ThetaHealing) with Cynthia's own personal style of intuitive and empathic channeling. Allow her to assist you in getting underneath your narratives and trauma responses to the core of your issue.

What is Compassionate Inquiry?

Compassionate Inquiry is a simple, yet effective  psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté. This system allows both the individual and therapist unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that form our "programming'. (thought patterns imbedded in us during childhood, through repetition of experience or during trauma). It walks the client through finding and identifying energy that is manifesting in their system in a safe and neutral space.

What is Theta Therapy?

ThetaHealing is a practice that takes the practitioner into a theta brainwave state that allows them to directly communicate with Source. This allows them to explore and get to the "truth" of an energy, emotion or thought outside of all the "noise" that surrounds it. 


By marrying the two methods together, Cynthia helps clients to gain deep insight into their currents behaviors, beliefs, routines, reactions and coping mechanisms. By better understanding the true source of what is fueling your current state, you gain the ability to begin to heal, reclaim to reroute this energy. This session is cooperative and is designed so that the client can begin to:

  • recognize where energy is sitting in the body

  • name and identify that energy

  • learn how to observe without judgement

  • open, release, and dissolve trauma store within the physical, mental and emotional bodies.


This is a powerful session that can lead to deep revelation and intense release.

Please call 925-960-3371 for a free 5-10 minute conversation to see if I am the therapist that is a fit for you.


60 Minute Theta Talk Therapy  $111

A 60 minute remote or in person healing session. We discuss what is going on in your life and then lead you through a Theta meditation which can reveal beliefs and thoughts that inhibit your growth and shifts. We can also process deep emotions and support and hold you in a space of safety. A wonderful option for those that need guidance and enjoy exchanging through talk therapy. 

What is Theta? Theta is one of the five brain wave states, and is reached right before you sleep and in sleep states. It is typically used in hypnotherapy and in this application it will be utilized to reach into the subconscious mind. In Theta talk therapy we dig deeply into your fears, your blocks, and what the subconscious mind holds. Sometimes our beliefs and understandings in our conscious mind are very different then what we hold in the subconscious and that is why Theta work is so powerful. It is what is hidden underneath the conscious mind, what we have a hard time discerning and what is covered up but our ration mind and thought.

Daizy will help guide you and lead you through with questioning and by asking permission and consent, which is essential to help keep us feeling safe and continue opening up. 

If you have trauma, PTSD and are looking to heal the aches of the body, theta is a wonderful modality to address these things. Be guided and held in a safe and sacred container to change the subconscious beliefs that hold you back from the freedom and discernment you wish to have.

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