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Sacred Talk & Coaching

  • Trauma Release

  • Sacred Talk Therapy

  • Integrative Health Coaching


Sacred Talk Therapy 
60 Min $111
Sacred Talk Therapy for Couples
90 Min  $140
Sacred talk therapy for families
120 min $160


A session is designed with talk therapy and can sometimes offer Thetahealing, energy work, sound healing, and reiki. You will be guided with gentle precision to go deep using non-violent languaging with your inner guidance and Michelle's support in navigating a path to the source using ThetaHealing technique, among other modalities.

Each session with Michelle will set you at ease. Her presence will support and root you in safe space and self love. Come release what no longer serves, in a way that truly honors you. Allow the observation of old behavioral patterns to become revealed and held, then transmuted and incorporate the traumas with tools and practices. Most often the simple exposure can catalyze the shift and set in motion a swift shift out of deep stress responses. Learn to deliberately manifest and align yourself with the most highest versions of you! 

Michelle has had Intensive Holistic Health Practitioner training, ThetaHealing training, works with non-violent communication principles and somatic movement exercises and has acute intuitive skills utilizing skillful awareness, deep metaphors for better understanding of spiritual principals and techniques as well as humor. She has a way of making you feel comfortable with the vulnerability of revealing trauma. Then offers a way through to a lighter, happier you. Come sit with me and find a ray of hope to know yourself better, offering freedom from despair and depression or a general lack of motivation and connection. Im here to stand next to you.

Michelle also welcomes couples or families when clarity and support are needed.


For families, couples, friends.

To support conflicts, traumas or complicated issues.

A sacred space created for communication, exploration and expression of dysfunctional patterns wreaking havoc in your life. An opportunity to flush out the old paradigms that keep you from your best life. I will sit with you and witness your current experiences and mirror for you your higher knowingness, your true self and support your identifying and integrating of past wounds and childhood traumas. With non-violent communication and meditation and energy work, we will weave a path to freedom and peace. And we will make room for your true needs as you bring them forward.

 Talk Therapy

Health Coach

Integrative Health Coaching 60 Minute  $111


Have you ever wondered why you always feel like you put too much effort into your health and wellbeing yet never feel healthy or well? You are not alone. With all of the information out there, some changing daily, it is easy to get overwhelmed and distracted and wind up feeling worse than you did before you started this journey.


Without the proper guidance and support it is easy to give up, only to start again once you have recovered from the frustration of it all creating this crazy cyclical pattern that never really gets you anywhere. This is where I come in. Together we can come up with a plan that works for you, for real...

As an integrative health coach, yoga teacher, and reiki healer I use several modalities to discover what works best for you, YES YOU!, not everyone else who says you should be paleo or vegan or keto or the latest food trend this week which will restrict you to only focusing what you put in your body and not your being as a whole. Together we can put the pieces together and come up with a sustainable lifestyle plan that works for you by incorporating movement, emotionality, spirituality, and nutrition into your daily routine so that you can begin to live as the best self that you know you are.

Trauma Release

 Trauma Release with Corrina  60 Min $125

Your inner voice deserves to be heard. It is safe to make mistakes and lean into the gratitude of the lessons they have brought you. Traumas do not define us, nor do they always belong to us.


This hands-on approach along with guided meditation/affirmations aid in processing and releasing past traumas and negative emotions.

Each session is tailored to your individual needs and traumas and may include: mindful discussion before and after, hands-on intuitive energy healing/reiki, meditation, affirmations, sound healing, and aromatherapy (optional).


A reiki or crystal balancing session is highly suggested prior to booking a trauma session.

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