Personal Guided Meditations


Guided Meditation

     $20 Tune Up and tune in...

     $50 Deep Dive and let go...

We offer personal messages that come through and support access to deeper connection with Divine.

A TUNE UP: 20 minutes Lessons in breathing and focus clearing and reclaiming personal power.

A Guided Breath and Visualization to ground and clear. A great reset and quick dive into the self to re-calibrate your inner landscape and break the cycle of stress. Allow the guidance to support a shift. To begin an important change that can shape a new direction, a new habit, a new choice. Meditation is a key to unlock stuckness and dissonance

A DEEP DIVE: 50 minutes with sacred tools to assist a clearing in the mental field, all the way out to the auric field. Allow me to support and guide your meditation to a space of calm and release and bring in peace and bliss. You will be your own healer and I can be your witness and path finder. I am always honored to sit with you to unwind and unravel what is in your current experience.