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Personal Guided Meditation


1 on 1 Meditation



       Deep Dive and let go...

We offer personal messages that come through and support access to deeper connection with Divine.

A DEEP DIVE: 60 minutes

Guided meditations are a wonderful way to calm the mind and body. Releasing stress, tension and other pent up energy in the mental, emotional and physical bodies to reach a state of clam and inner peace. 

Your practitioner will use methods of breathwork, visualization, aromatherapy, sound instruments and more to facilitate relaxing your logic mind and entering into a "zen" state. This can be used to calm your nervous system, release unneeded energy, connect with your inner/higher self, personally achieve insight into what you are currently going through and more. Allow us to support and guide your meditation to a space of release and bring in peace and bliss.

Guided Meditation 60 Min $50

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