How to Book a Session


book online or by calling:

Please visit us during boutique hours if you'd like to browse our store.


To book appointments with our staff, please book online through MindBody,

or call the shop to speak to someone who will happily schedule you.

MindBody is a scheduling APP-when you log in, you will select Creative Healing Center from the search bar- our page will appear with a calendar and availabilities will have a red dot next to it!


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 Healing Sessions:
*Akashic Records Readings
*Access Bars

*Reiki & Shamanic Reiki  
* Reiki & Reflexology
*Ear Candling
*House Clearing
*Sacred Talk Therapy 
*Rebirthing Breath Work
*Chakra Balancing
*Auric Clearing Session
*Sound Healing
*Beautiful Crystals
*Tarot Reading
*Guided Personal Meditation
* Massage

*Lymphatic Drainage Massage
*Pre/post Natal Massage
*Fascia Blasting Session

Private and Group Classes on:
*Reiki Attunements 
*Crystal Grids
*Crystal Awareness
*Guided Meditation
*Tarot Tutoring


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