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7:30pm - DROP IN

(no sign-up needed)

every Wednesday

(except Holidays)

Come drop in to a space of Reflection and allow the flow to take you where you desire. Guided meditation is a way through the endless chatter, using sacred sounds, healing sound instruments and inspired guided visualization by our therapists. This is a commitment to our community to help you cultivate a practice for your personal intentions for spiritual growth. We also provide mats, pillows and blankets.

$10 CASH per person

30 spaces available


Doors Open: 7:20 & Close 7:38pm



with Daizy

7:30pm - 8:30pm

(in the Lotus Temple)

every Friday

(no sign-up needed)

Have you been desiring a way to deeply relax and restore your nervous system after a busy week? Join Daizy for yin yoga in the Lotus Temple. Yin yoga is a form of yoga that allows for long holds that allow you to really find your edges and breathe into them. We are a society that emphasizes action and productivity and that type of Yang energy needs its counterpart, Yin. Yin is the feminine aspect, it is the cooling off, the energy of slowing down. In the class we will be going at a slower and more meditative pace, holding poses for longer in your traditional vinyasa or flow class, allowing for you to release the holding in your tissues, fascia, ligaments and joints. This type of movement allows you to turn inwards and tune into your body, a practice that some of us do not do enough. It is a way of listening to yourself and your body, finding those edges and perhaps even going beyond them to discovering new ones. In the class Daizy utilizes sound bowls, reiki and guided meditation to aid you in finding a deeply nourishing practice. In a world that can be incredibly uncomfortable, finding ways to calm your nervous system and tune into your body is what allows you to regulate yourself; this skill is deeply needed by us as humans as we adapt to a world that is reflecting so much change and upheaval of old paradigms.Yin yoga is wonderful before bedtime and allows you for deeper, more peaceful sleep. An all inclusive class, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out and ask.


Daizy has been a yoga teacher for 8 years and has found yoga to be a transformative practice and philosophy in her life. When she walked into her first yoga class in 2010 she knew she had found a new home that she never encountered before. Looking forward to moving and breathing with you.

$20 per Person or $55 Class Pass

ALL events & workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please purchase mindfully.



with Pamela

December 9th

12noon - 6:00pm



Pamela will be here to give you a LIVE AURA READING! Join us for a fun experience and biofeedback of your living energy. Pamela has a wonderful insight and will show you what is active with you in that moment and give you a emailed report as well as a small printed pic like the one above! 

Call us to make an appointment & secure your spot!

(775) 770-8239

ALL events & workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please purchase mindfully.

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Reset Detox Event

with Dr. April Gill and Stacy Rago

December 10th

12noon - 5pm


Escape the Holiday Rush at Our Detox EvenJoin Stacy and Dr Gill

🌟 Pause the Holiday Hustle for a Rejuvenation Break! Overindulge during the Holidays? We have a quick 1-2 hour detox to get you back in alignment and ready for your next event.🌟

Overindulge during the Holidays?

We have a quick 1-2 hour detox to get you back in

alignment and ready for your next event.


Join our special detox event, featuring:

  • 🌊 Ion Foot Bath

  • 🔥 Infrared Sauna

  • 🌀 Vibration Plate Therapy

  • 🌹A serene retreat from the holiday chaos.

  • 🩺Expert-led detox sessions for your well-being.

  • 💖A rejuvenated you, ready to make the most of the holiday cheer.


Perfect for those needing a peaceful interlude amid the holiday frenzy.  Enjoy special curated detox teas and snacks.

🌿 Revitalize and Return to the Celebrations Renewed 🌿


  • Rapid Detox can help with

  • Hang Overs

  • Over Eating

  • Boating

  • Gass

  • Fatigue

  • Skin Breakouts

  • Joint Pain

  • Edema

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea

  • Migraines

  • Skin breakouts

  • Eczema

  • Psoriasis

  • COVID/Flu

  • Allergies






Vibration Plate (10min)

Numerous studies have shown that vibration plates do more than just burn calories. According to research, vibration plates can help relieve back pain, fibromyalgia, and cellulite as well as increase bone density. The vibration plate will speed up lymph movement throughout the body to eliminate toxins.


You will stand on the vibration plate for approx 10min.  If needed, you can sit while feet are on the vibration plate.







Ion Foot Bath (15min)

Ionic foot baths work by combining water with charged particles known as ions. The ions create a field that is designed to cleanse or purify. The water molecules are separated when these charged particles are mixed with water. The ions are then said to pull toxins through the bottom of the feet.


You will be seated with your feet in warm water for appox 30 min. 


  • Removing toxins

  • Reducing swelling

  • Improving stress levels and mood

  • Weight management

  • Aiding in good heart health and blood circulation

  • Relieving aches and pains

  • Balancing pH levels in the body

  • Destroying potentially harmful pathogens and microorganisms








Far Infrared Sauna (10-20min)

FIR sauna can open up the pores in the body and release the toxins that build up.  This  reduces the workload on the liver in removing toxins. Boosts metabolism-pulses the water molecules in the body breaking down the water molecule clusters. This improves capillary function allowing the water molecules to easily enter, revitalize and regenerate the body's cells. Using the sauna for 15 min could easily burn about 600 calories.  The equivalent of running 4-6miles or 45 min cardiovascular workout.

Mobilizes Lymphatic and Immune Systems

Increases Circulation and Microcirculation

Oxygenates Cells, Giving Greater Absorption

Activates Parasympathetic Nervous System

Helps Mitochondria Create ATP + Nitric Oxide

Better quality of sleep.

Sense of relaxation.

Weight loss.


Relief from sore muscles and joint pain.


Additional Support:

Custom Herbal detox formula

Detox Teas

Herbal detox Bath Salts

Herb infused Castor oil pack Kit

Coffee Enema Kit

Liver&Gallblader Flush kit



Lymphatic massage

5-day fast mimicking 

21-day detox program


Sign up soon & secure your spot!


ALL events & workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please purchase mindfully.

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with Cynthia

December 10th

7 - 9pm


Join Cynthia for an hour long sound healing journey. Immerse yourself in the frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls. The harmonic resonance and vibrations of the bowls help to induce different healing states for all of our bodies: mental, emotional, physical and energetic. These states can regulate the nervous system and usher in a state of calm and relaxation. Each of her bowls align with one of the body's energy centers (chakras). By allowing our systems to be fully immersed in these tones we allow for our energies to be cleared, shifted, aligned and rebalanced. The frequencies they produce help our energy fields to shift out lower vibrations and open to higher, more transformational ones. This brings us into a state of harmony, well being and alignment with our higher selves and Source. Cynthia channels energy for the group while playing each sound bath. The energies and sounds of the bowls can shift depending on what the group needs at that time. This means that every sound bath is a unique experience.

Some of the benefits of sound baths

  •  Entering a meditative state easily

  •  Lowers anxiety and stress

  •  Helps to balance emotions

  •  Balances Chakra energies

  •  Releases energetic blockages

  •  Opens channels to receive Divine guidance

  •  Calms the Nervous System

We provide yoga mats, bolsters, neck pillows and blankets. 

Feel free to bring a pillow and blanket from home for maximum comfort.

Sign up soon & secure your spot!

only 12 spaces available


ALL events & workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please purchase mindfully.

image.RISE Women's Circle.jpeg


with Cynthia

December 14th

7 - 9pm



Radically Inspire, Support & Empower!

Join Cynthia for a time of support, self-care and sisterhood! Our female only circles will be held as a sacred and safe space for women to be heard and seen as they explore, discover and express their truth in our discussions. Working on our growth and healing while being supported by our fellow feminine, we will use transformational practices to deep dive into our innermost selves. We will be witnessed in our vulnerability, express our feelings and reclaim our personal power and sovereignty. We will R.I.S.E. together as we discuss and explore our way through different topics of interest and themes within our lives. 

T​heme: Self-forgiveness and Acceptance

When the New Year rolls around we tend to go into self-reflection...and sometimes self-rejection. We are human beings. We are not perfect. When we look back at who we were and our actions, we are not proud of all of them. In fact, a lot of us carry around guilt and/or shame for our behaviors. The guilt and shame spiral can be one of the most devastating and difficult things to free yourself from. Join Cynthia for an evening of deep, intimate work centered on forgiveness and understanding. Utilizing Theta Healing coupled with Compassionate Inquiry techniques we will unearth the stories that hold you hostage in your self-blame, unraveling your narratives to see the ‘truth’ of a situation. Learn how to practice Radical self-acceptance while maintaining your integrity and personal accountability.

Practices will include (but are not limited to)

  •  Emotion Workshops

  •  Meditation and Shamanic Journeys

  •  Compassionate Inquiry Theta Healing

  •  Soul Fragment Reclamation and Integration

  •  Journaling, crafting & artistic expression

  •  Vocal Expression

only 12 spaces available

This is not a ‘series’ class; feel free to sign up for as many, or as few circles as you feel called to.

Sign up soon to secure your spot!

ALL events & workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please purchase mindfully.

tables - Cynthia Sutton.jpeg


December 17th


(4) Session Times Available: (6) clients per session

SESSION 1 (10am - 12noon)

SESSION 2 (12:30pm - 2:30pm)

SESSION 3 (4pm - 6pm)

SESSION 4 (6:30pm)

SIGN UPS ARE REQUIRED We limit each group to only 6 people per 2 hour session to provide the most individual attention and enhance the personal experience. Reservations are required to attend. Our last Trip to Nirvana SOLD OUT COMPLETELY! We did not have a table to spare, as our beautiful community showed up to say yes to self-care and this truly unique healing opportunity. We recommend that you secure your spot as soon as possible, as we will not be able to provide walk-in spots. Sign up now for a transformational opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Your 2 hour Trip to Nirvana will include:

  • AromaTherapy, breathwork and guided meditation

  • 20-30 minutes of individual massage

  • 30- 40 minutes of Acupuncture

  • 75+ minutes of immersive Sound Therapy

  • Various forms of energetic healing and clearing work by all 3 practitioners

  • Followed by 15 minutes to nourish with refreshments

    • Revitalize & Reawaken with a Holistic treat and Herbal Tea curated by Dr. Gill, with an intention to harmonize body, mind, and soul.

NOTEthis is a small group event in our Lotus Temple. You will be sharing space with 6 other people. All participants will have a comfortable massage table as their personal space for their experience. Clothing will not need to be removed for this event. We ask that you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that can be pushed up to the knees.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Cynthia Sutton: 925-960-3371

Dr. April Gill: 408-805-5053

Angelica Guzman: 925-290-8515

Sign up soon & secure your spot!

ALL events & workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please purchase mindfully.

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New Year's Event: Release to Receive Ritual

with Cynthia

December 30th

7 - 9:30pm


New Year’s Release to Receive Ritual Event Hosted by Cynthia Traditionally the New Year is a time for us to set resolutions. This year you are invited to a new tradition: a Moment of Remembrance, a Ritual for Release and a Journey for Rebirth! As we head into a new year it’s important not only to glance back but to look ahead. To take stock of where we have been, to help us determine where we desire to go and what we wish to experience. And, most importantly, what we need to receive or let go of to get there. Join your host, Cynthia, as she takes you through a 2-hour transformational journey. Beginning with a cup of warm herbal tea (specially blended by Cynthia herself) to comfort the body and open the heart, we will sit in our Moment of Remembrance and review the past: The ups, the downs, the in-betweens. Allowing ourselves to observe our experiences without self-judgement or criticism. Stepping into our Ritual for Release we will bring forward our emotions. Utilizing breathwork, toning and sacred drumming we will give voice to past versions of self. Through expression and acknowledgement, past traumas, false narratives, self-limiting beliefs and any blocking energies will be released and purged from our systems. Having cleared our energies, we will begin our Journey for Rebirth. Settling into an easeful meditation we will align with Higher Self and Source, inviting the 5th dimensional energies of the Universe to commune with us by immersing in a Cosmic Crystal Bowl Sound Bath (accompanied by actual sounds recorded from space). With hearts open wide we will journey beyond time and space to the Void of Creation, where old stories are unwritten and future possibilities become truly limitless. There we will receive inspiration and assistance to create the future that aligns with our Soul’s Purpose. After anchoring all that energy back into our bodies, we will spend a moment resonating appreciation and gratitude. Our evening will conclude in celebration with music and refreshments for anyone who would like to connect in community or just hang out!​

We provide yoga mats, bolsters, neck pillows and blankets. 

Feel free to bring a pillow and blanket from home for maximum comfort.

Sign up soon & secure your spot!

only 12 spaces available


ALL events & workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please purchase mindfully.

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