Events & Classes


Wednesday Night Guided Meditation
7:30 pm-DROP IN
(No sign up needed)
Every Wednesday (except Holidays)


Come drop in to a space of Reflection and allow the flow to take you where you desire. Guided meditation is a way through the endless chatter. using sacred sounds, healing sound instruments and inspired guided visualization. This is a commitment to our community to help you cultivate a practice for your personal intentions for spiritual growth.

$10 Cash per person

drop in

30 people MAX

( be on time.Doors open at 7:20 and close by 7:40)

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath 

April 15th 7-8:30
$30 per person

June 4th 


June 19th


or call the shop! (925-443-4442)

Join Cynthia for an hour long sound healing journey. Immerse yourself in the chakra frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls. The harmonic resonance and vibrations of the bowls help to induce different healing states. These states can reset the nervous system and meridians in our bodies. They induce a state of calm and relaxation as you move into higher vibrations and release lower ones. Cynthia channels universal energy for the group while playing each sound bath. The energies and sounds of the bowls can shift depending on what group needs. This means that no two sound baths are ever exactly the same!

Some of the benefits of sound baths:

Entering a meditative state easily
Lowers anxiety levels
Helps to balance emotions
Mental Clarity and Focus
Having a deeper more restful sleep
Relieves stress
Calms the nervous system
Decreases tension and fatigue within the body

Room for 18 people for a night of healing and relaxation.



Sacred Cacao Ceremony 

June 20th

6-8 PM

Join Michelle in The Lotus temple for an evening of Cacao Blessings and Deep Connections. This is a night to sit together and work with opening the heart. Would you love to experience a healing circle of plant medicine? Cacao is safe and gentle, yet powerfully opening. My circles are filled with grace, laughter and depth of the heart. We will relax with a sound bath, we will interact with a revealing one to one sharing game and we will witness transformation in each other. Sound fun? Sign up!

Only 12 spaces.

Sit with Michelle in Sacred Ceremony
Price $30 
Time 6-8pm


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Join Michelle in ceremony with Mother Cacao.
What is that, your ask?
Hot Chocolate? NOPE.
Its sacred. Its nourishing.
Its allowing your heart to be supported and healed by the sacred plant of Cacao- you know this as chocolate. The chocolate you consume has been treated and distilled and heated in a way that strips the medicine she offers. The cacao you will receive is powerful in her natural forces. Sustainably sourced and made with love and care and sacred process with native peoples. We will be sharing the ideal of food as thy medicine. We will be sharing the ceremonial offering in a way to re-intoduce the sacred into our lives. We will sit and make intentional prayers and offerings into the cacao before we bring it into our bodies. Take this opportunity to learn about your heart and what it may need for balance. We will use sound healing to go deep and allow, and some deep heart opening one on one exchange to relate and communicate from our heart spaces. Prepare to laugh and cry and feel tender feelings together in this intimate container.

(Allergen notes: The cacao is prepared intuitively- typical ingredients are cacao, dates, rose water, cardamom, cinnamon, Hawaiian sea salt, vanilla, Holy Basil and Blue Lotus tea and almond/cashew/coconut milk)

(if you have a NUT allergy, let me know and I can prepare a separate dose with another plant milk)