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Intuitive Acupunture


Facial Rejuvenation 

Galactic Shamanic Sessions

Essential Oil therapy

Crystal Therapy


Fascia Blasting Session
Available as a session or as an add on to 90 min massage. Release for congested fascia using a tool.

Sacred Talk Therapy with Theta
support for learning and embodying non-violent communication
for single, couples & Families

Rebirthing Breath Work
Energy Healing
Sound Healing


Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Mindset Coaching 

Mini Rapid transformational Therapy (RTT)


Sandra Wing Page

Scholarships for oncology patients


Chakra Balancing
Energy Work
Sound Healing

Auric Healing
Energy Work
Sound Healing 
Reiki Energy Session
Tarot + Reiki Fusion

Reiki Reflexology W/ Hemp Oil
Susan's CBD with Foot work to open the body and clear the channels, complete with reiki Energy Balancing

Tarot Readings
3/6/10/13 card readings
Year Ahead Spread

Tarot + Reiki Fusion

Tarot & Cocoa

Guided Personal Meditation
20 Min tune up and tune in....
50 Min Deep Diveand let go...
total guidance to unhook from stress cycles

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Resets the central nervous system. Fully clothed. Pysical/emotional release work


Ionic Detox Footbath

Detoxify the body

Footbath and Itovi Scan

Biofeedback Therapy

biofeedback for Balance

Biofeedback with Light therapy 

Biofeedback with Light therapy and itovi scan

Ear Candling
A clearing of the ear, nose and throat channels. A smudging of the third eye. A deep release of debris and bacteria. Gentle and relaxing

Massage Therapy
Bodywork for alignment of the body, mind and spirit. Many modalities available and applied as needed. All sessions are tailored just for you.Hot stones, aromatherapy, breath work, visualization, Cupping, energy healing and sound healing

Pre/Post Natal Massage
Gentle and supportive release massage for mom and baby. pregnancy massage is side lying and post pregnancy massage can include infant massage 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy
Specific work for the lymphatic system. Gentle touch and deep detoxification. Breath work, energy work, sound healing, visualization and sound healing 


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