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Itovi is like a mini biofeedback machine!
It uses galvanic skin response (GSR) and electrical frequencies to measure your body's reactions to wellness products. It's designed to help you: Find the best wellness products, Track your wellness, Optimize your wellness plan
It will run a program which creates a report to find imbalances and find the solution for homeostasis. It will suggest a combination of oils to offer support to your body being for balance. dōTERRA essential oils and personal care products are available through Stacy and are used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. 
Both single oils, oil blends, and a variety of related products are used
topically, internally, and aromatically to promote healing and balance.  
The iTOVi personal products scanner uses proven scientific technology and a patented algorithm
to evaluate clients' specific needs and recommend the essential oil products that will best address them.


ITovi Scan 20 Min $20  with Custom Essential Oil Blend
 Ionic Detox Footbath w/ Itovi Scan & Blend  20 Min $85


 Ionic Detox Footbath with Itovi Scan and Custom Essential Oil Blend

The control box of the Ionic Foot Detox unit delivers an electrical current through the ionizer array that is placed into the water alongside the feet. The low-level direct current to the array causes the metals within the array in combination with water and salt to generate positively and negatively charged ions by separating the oxygen and hydrogen components of water.


This separating of oxygen and hydrogen components is a form of “dialysis."​

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