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Auric Healing / Chakra Balancing


Auric Healing Session- 45 Min| $80

An Aura healing session may be just what you need.

In a 45 min touch-free session, Cindy will focus on helping you to restore your auric field by untangling and removing cord attachments that no longer serve you and sealing any energy leaks that may be present.

She will then help to fortify your energetic field by infusing it with Universal Light energy specifically channeled for your individual needs. This is a gentle experience that will help you to feel restored, re-energized, calm and secure.

Chakra Balancing Session- 45 Min| $80

A time to heal, balance and align

This session is a time for you to get recalibrated, aligned and drop in to the body as you let the mind rest. We use several tools for this experience. Crystals, tuning forks, essential oils, sound healing with Tibetan Metal Bowls, Crystal Bowls, drums, gong and others, reiki and other energy work as well as some gentle touch techniques. We work to support and open and then balance your energy centers. Expect to feel different than when you arrived!