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Reiki Reflexology W/ Hemp Oil Session



   60 Minute Foot Reflexology W/ Hemp Session |$122

Detailed foot massage using Susan' CBD Hemp Oil

(highly concentrated THC FREE, non-gmo)  

4000mg CBD/800mg CBG

A detailed foot centered treatment.

A holistic approach that offers support for the body/mind/spirit.

We make a connection that will bring into focus your specific needs.

Targeting pressure points, polarity therapy and zones, the body receives inertia for release.

Deeply relaxing and opening. Reflexology with acupressure point stimulation in the feet, face, hands and arms using a deep intuitive flow is potent and clearing as well as relaxing.

Expect to have your channels unblocked! The addition of Reiki and Kansa wand for the face is a bonus in release and flow. Relaxation is the goal. Our hands will ease the knots and kinks, creating a chance to let go and get smooth inside and out. Energy work is a brilliant companion for reflexology. 

This session is a powerful awakening and provocation for shift. The feet are the map of the entire body, and as such, we can move mountains of tension and stagnancy. Open the channels on the body to allow for full flow of the elements in the body. Polarity therapy facilitates unblockage and unravel. Sound good?

This is a wonderfully dee

 These are high quality, lab tested THC free oils, great for pain relief.

You are invited to come receive, revive, and restore. Your session will begin with a reflexology foot massage using Hemp 4000mg CBD/800mg CBG cream, and flow into Reiki using tools such as crystals, vibrational tuning forks, and aromatherapy to enhance the trance. You will be supported to find stillness and quiet, so you can truly give yourself permission to find a time to let go and give back to yourself.

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