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Shelter in place means we will still be with you each Wednesday on FaceBook Live!

Please join us for a weekly drop in to deepen your inner connection to yourself. Come sit in the potential field with others who expand the connection and allow yourself an opportunity to go deeper into your self. Allow the mind to quiet and the softness to come in. I will gently guide you with guided meditation and sound healing which will include making toning sounds with our voices, crystal bowls, metal bowls, tuning forks, drums, rattles, conch shell and sometimes ambient music. There will be guidance and sound and silence. its s journey into the depth of you. This is a collective sharing of space, yet a deep personal practice. There is no pressure to talk or interact with anyone, you can simply come in, sit and be with yourself. Its a very simple experience, all are welcome-Beginners, Intermediate and Long Time Meditators encouraged!

Come sit with yourself. 



$10 donation- no one turned away due to lack of funds- if you grow lemons, we like those, if you have chocolate, we like that! bring whatever you have if money is tight! nothing is ok also....

limited to 25 people.

Nothing is needed-chairs, Back Jack cushions and yoga mats available- feel free to bring what you like for sitting comfortably. 

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