House Clearing  (aka:People Clearing)

House Clearing/Alignment with Michelle & Cindy

$175+(depends on Size of house/property and time/travel) 


(Please Read Carefully- 2 Appointments are necessary-

One for the initial Healing Therapy Session and then the House Clearing Session)


(This price is based on a 45 Minute clearing of an entire home...around 1200-1500 sq feet) Different Circumstances will shift this pricing- we will be very in alignment with the needs of the space and time needed.


Bring in the power of 2!

Two women to come in and assess, clear, bless and anoint your space. This works for a business, a home or a room. Do you need help with some funky energy? Some space that feels wrong? Are you in need of clearing out old energies? Or blessing your new home? Setting a whole new vibration for your life? How about bringing harmony in for the family?

Cindy is a energy healer, empath, intuitive, psychic medium, Reiki practitioner, and is gifted in to tuning into peoples energies and places and pets. She will hold space for the family and offer insights using images and or messages. She loves working with crystals, sound, tarot and guiding people in deep reflection of who they are, what they want and how to practically begin to take command of their lives and spaces. Let her help illuminate a path you can feel safe on.


Michelle is an earth priestess and shamanista, energy worker and gifted in non-violent communication. She works with sound, toning, breath work and earth offerings like botanical oils, sage and musical instruments  - She can bring in the Light and smudge out the funk. Her process of anointing both the space and the members of the space is sacred and harmonizing. She can also offer physical/emotional release and attunements.


Cindy and I are very adept at this work. We offer ceremony to anoint the space and bring in intention for a new experience. We can have your space adjusted in no time! Expect that the process will bring to light any hidden shadows and issues under the surface. Please connect with your family/coworkers in a way that invites change and welcomes it. This work is truly transformative and not to be entered into lightly. Please expect to make an appointment with Michelle for a personal clearing and full read before the House Clearing Appointment. 1 person or the whole family can come in for the initial Healing Therapy Session.  Then any date after the initial appointment can be set up for the House Clearing Appointment.

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