Kristine Daizy 925-337-7485

Tarot Classes, Crystal Classes,

Crystal Grid Basics &

Chakra Classes

Private classes are $33 per person and groups that book a class

(with 4 or more people) are only $28 per class.

(Group or Private Available)

*Crystal classes offer an introduction into healing crystals,

how to use them and what to use them for.

*Tarot and Tea classes cover the bases of working with your

own deck for personal readings to advanced

understandings of giving readings. 

*Crystal Grid Basics teaches you how to use crystals,

sacred geometry and your powers of intention to manifest

the changes in life you wish to see.

*Chakra classes offer an overview of all the chakras,

what the symptoms of an over and under active chakra are

and ways to heal the chakra system.

Tarot and Tea offerings - helping you if you are a beginner and also classes to dive deeper! You can call the shop for the schedule or find us on Instagram and Facebook with the schedule!

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